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Oh dear, another company promising something which it cannot actually deliver, supposed Lordships or Ladyships of the Manor for a mere 18.95, rather suspiciously low, wouldn’t you think?

It calls itself rather grandly - Lord Titles - and it is worth examining their sales pitch.

They seem to have recently altered their tack, as what they used to offer was the following:

"Become a Genuine Lord of the Manor - Our company offers a portfolio of authentic Lordship (Lord or Lady) of the Manor titles available for instant purchase. These legally processed deeds include land within Chelmswood Manor estate, reference document and mounted parchment certificate."

This item offers the chance to acquire a Lordship (Lord or Lady) of the Manor title. The deed includes land within Chelmswood Manor estate, reference document and mounted parchment certificate.

Owners may name themselves Lord or Lady. This includes changing credit cards, bank accounts and other official documents. There are no land taxes or liabilities associated with owning this estate. Ownership lasts for nine hundred and ninety-nine years.

Chelmswood Manor is located in Nottinghamshire, England. Lordship titles can be purchased by or for anyone without restriction."

However, possibly when people discovered the Chelmswood Manor was completely unknown to anyone in Nottinghamshire, they switched their attentions to a supposed manor in the Lake District instead.

They offer a very helpful guide to Lordships of the Manor: “Our legally registered Lordship of the Manor titles were created in the  English medieval system following the Norman Conquest. Each title lasts 999 years and there are no other costs, taxes or liabilities. People who own our titles are fully entitled to update personal documents (including credit cards, driving licenses and passports) to reflect  their new status. However, there are some things customers need to be  aware of before you begin making any changes. The key thing to  understand is that these titles are not the same as peerages. To draw a  simple analogy, think about the term ‘Doctor’. A medical practitioner will put ‘Dr’ in front of his name. However, so will a Phd graduate,  regardless of what they studied. There are separate rules that apply to both titles but in the end the title is the same. This is how our titles work.”

Unfortunately that is complete and total nonsense, also you cannot purchase a share of a genuine Lordship of the Manor, so whatever they are offering is the normal valueless fake title.

Possibly you might wish to report them to Trading Standards, but then for that amount of money I suppose that it is unlikely that anyone will bother.

However, I suggest that you give them a wide berth, and, if you come across anyone calling himself Lord of the Manor of Chelmswood, or Lord Chelmswood, or Lord of the Manor of Wansley, or Lord Wansley then - just to embarrass him - say, ‘How extraordinary, I am also Lord of the Manor of Chelmswood/Wansley, I know where you bought that’, merely to see how he reacts, you might get a laugh out of it!

They don’t even mention where their latest scam is actually situated, merely that it is in the Lake District and is apparently called Wansley Manor; though there was a record of a Wansley Manor in Nottinghamshire, there is no record of it in the Lake District, so maybe they have got a touch confused.

They seem to think that they can improve the credibility of what they offer by making derogatory statements about me, such as, “These titles are 100% legal and they may be bought and sold. These titles are not the same as peerages (as clearly explained on the website). The Earl of Bradford has a clear agenda despite presenting himself as some sort of ombudsmen - his website jumps between fact and valued judgement presented as fact. The laws he refers have frequently been eclipsed - little reference to the implications of modern law. And after being booted out from the House of Lords he feels that his non-meritocratic position is being further eroded.”

Their attitude seems to be that if they cannot prove that their ‘titles’ are genuine, then the best way out is to attack me.

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