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I will put it very simply, “You cannot purchase a genuine British title, with one exception, the feudal title of a Scottish baron; and certainly cannot buy a peerage title”. Scottish Feudal Baronies fetch a mighty price; the Barony of MacDonald was up for sale at over £1 million.

However, people often choose to ignore this straightforward warning, even to the extent that they e-mail me, saying how much they have appreciated the information on the Fake Titles site, and then ask, ”Very interesting, but how can I buy a real title?” Sadly, the fact is that they are still being taken in by these sites selling so-called ‘titles’, which are not worth the impressive looking paper that they are written on.

Unfortunately far too many fall for their slick sales talk, though quite frankly it astounds me that so few actually question what they are signing up to, and especially that they do not take independent legal advice, but accept the words of scoundrels instead. As a result it tends to confuse everybody about what constitutes a genuine title, while the recipient often ends up paying too much for something quite worthless.

Remember, it is perfectly legal to change your name, you can do that by deed poll to whatever you want, however there are restrictions on changing your first name to one that may result in others believing you have a conferred or inherited honour, title, rank or academic award, for example, a change of first name to Sir, Lord, Laird, Lady, Prince, Princess, Viscount, Baron, Baroness, General, Captain, Professor or Doctor etc. It is a simple, inexpensive process and you certainly do not need to pay anybody else to do it, but whatever you decide to call yourself, it will not give you a title. If you have bought a fake title, I would be happy to put you in touch with a knowledgeable lawyer, who will recover your money, usually with costs awarded on top, just e-mail me.

The purveyors of these fake titles not only advertise quite openly, even in quite upmarket magazines, but you can also sign up your own website to an affiliate deal and sell them directly to the gullible public yourself.

If you have purchased a title on the Internet, and have any doubts about its authenticity – and you should be concerned – or have dealt with Gary Beaver, Antony Boada, Groupon, eBay or any of the other fake title peddlers, then do e-mail me, as there is growing pressure for action to be taken.

On Fake Titles, you will first find explanations about British Titles, and how you can earn them rightfully, within that section I have also included details on my own title and our family history. Then I warn you about the tactics of the dozen or so companies selling the rather more spurious and sometimes quite meaningless titles, just go to Warning to find details on individual ones.

Within that Warning area, I have included some of the more blatant examples of sites peddling Fake Titles on the Internet, a list that seems to grow almost continuously, however, many of them, like the presumably self-named ‘Lord’ Robert Farmer’s (I simply can’t believe that he really is the son of a Duke) site – christened English Feudal Titles – are merely offering a very similar deal to Elite’s.

After that section, I have included some Threats of Action that have been made against me, though strangely – so far – none of them have resulted in any action being taken. That is followed by pages of publicity about Fake Title selling. Articles from The Daily Mail, The Telegraph and many other top newspapers and magazines demonstrate some of the attention that the problem of fake title selling has received from the British Press.

I also explain about how you can purchase a Lordship of the Manor, which does not give you a title, but enables you to put after your name, Lord of the Manor of Lower Piddling-in-the-Trough or some such place. It is definitely worth looking at the October 2006 version of ‘Are You Being Conned?’, produced by Baronage in an Adobe Acrobat file, for a very full explanation of the possible pitfalls in trying to buy a title.

Feel free to browse around Fake Titles. If you still wish to purchase a title, despite my attempts to deter you, do ensure that you consult an independent authority on the subject first.

Lastly, I will repeat one recommendation; do not rely on any advice not to be separately legally represented, instead make sure that you are – it may cost you in the short-term, but it will save you from wasting money in the end. After all, why are they trying to put you off if they are operating legitimately?

Thank you for visiting and I hope that you find the information enlightening.

Richard, 7th Earl of Bradford

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