A Happy Ending for Bob Rich

An American Billionaire, with a hugely appropriate surname of Rich, was given the Manorial Lordship of Bedlington, as a birthday present by his wife Mandy, as apparently a distant relative had once been the owner of the Lordship.

I read the story in the Daily Mail, as he decided to carry out some good deeds in Bedlington, like buying new kit for the local football club, Bedlington Terriers, and a new $30000 scoreboard.

I felt that the story was too good to be true, and decided to check into the history of the Manorial Lordship, only to discover that it was actually owned by the local diocese of the Church of England.

I passed on the information through an employee of the Rich Corporation, expecting some response, as obviously Bob Rich’s wife had been cheated by an online fraudster, but, annoyingly, instead of being thanked for my helpful investigation, I heard nothing back.

Clearly a problem like that is not insurmountable for an American Billionaire, as it would appear that he made the church an offer that they felt unable to refuse, and now he owns the genuine Manorial Lordship.

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