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Just when you thought that there couldn’t possibly be another firm selling titles, along comes one more, the impressively named British Feudal Investments; they boast a truly fine and extensive range of phoney variations on the title theme on their books, for instance:

At present his site has been taken down. However, in the past it has an unfortunate habit of re-appearing; though this has never stopped Antony Boada from selling his titles elsewhere. Usually a giveaway is that these are conveyed by Roger Pitts-Tucker (see below), a London solicitor and self-proclaimed expert; unfortunately his knowledge cannot be relied upon to gain you anything other than ridicule.

“ENGLAND – Some of the selected titles come with autographed and authenticated Royal signatures framed together with their respective portraits of various monarchs:

Barony of Bampton ………………………………. US $ 17,000
Barony of Levinton ………………………………. US $ 15,200
Barony of Bradninch …………………………….. US $ 17,000

What a bargain they might appear to be at first sight though, providing you with the opportunity to become a real Baron for such a comparatively small sum, but then I would suggest that, before you go any further, you check out the legal status of Feudal Baronies on the Baronage site, as otherwise you might just be in for a bit of a financially wasteful disappointment.

The company is headed by Antony Boada Cartaya, who uses any variation on a number of bogus titles as his own name, from Baron Chafford or the Prince of Lusignan to the Marquis of Alessio – he is probably the largest Fake Titles seller of all, and we estimate that his annual income, based on the numbers of fraudulent sales of which we have knowledge, is well over $1 million.

Essentially, he makes up titles, based on original Manorial Lordships and Feudal Baronies in the British Isles. He then conveys them for tens of thousands of dollars via a firm of solicitors, Pitts-Tucker & Co, Solicitors & Privy Council Agents, who obtain an apostille confirming his signature from the The Foreign and Commonwealth Office, all of which causes folk to believe that they are getting something bona fide.

So two things are happening: people are being ripped off very seriously, and second, told all sorts of nonsense about what the ‘title’ will do for them.

The Manorial Society has a huge collection of files about Boada, together with alleged conveyances, and know about the scams because people from all over the world apply for membership of the Society. Some want to believe, or are ashamed of the embarrassment, while others have sought independent legal advice and been advised that there’s little prospect of getting their money back.

Unfortunately Boada uses an accommodation address in London, lives in Miami, and his company is incorporated in Delaware; hence the problem in tackling him successfully and closing down his operation.

A plea from Dr Goff, a victim of Boada’s: “If you have been victimized by anyone of the three amigos, Antony Boada, Mark T. Williams and Roger A. Pitts-Tucker, please report this on the internet. It is confidential and anyone anywhere on earth can make a complaint to the FBI. It could make the deciding difference as to whether this man is held responsible or gets away with it.

No class action suit are possible in England, but the same solicitors can present each client consecutively and this adds power to the cases in the eyes of the judge. Anyone interested in the pursuing a law suit should contact Rachael Simpson at:

McCombie & Co Solicitors
The Old Chapel
43 Westfield Road

The Law Society brought a case against Roger Pitts-Tucker on several counts of professional misconduct, which he was found guilty of. If you have any evidence of such misconduct against this man, then you should send it to:

Sue Heads, Intervention & Disciplinary Unit, Victoria Court, 8 Dormer Place, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire CV32 5AE, ENGLAND”

You might enjoy seeing two pictures of Antony Boada Cartaya, one in serious mood, the other less so!

On the 29th of July 2002, we received a letter from Pitts-Tucker & Co – Solicitors, it claims that we are defaming their client Mr Anthony Boada and his company British Feudal Investments. I have asked them to provide evidence that the titles that he is selling are genuine, and then of course, if that proof is forthcoming, I would not hesitate to change the wording on the site. We never received a reply.

For details on the latest situation and the many further letters from Pitts-Tucker & Co go to Threats of Action.

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