Manorial Titles

Unfortunately, there are so many sites that are selling recreated or restored Lordships of the Manor, which is a total nonsense as when a Lordship of the Manor goes into abeyance (there is no heir to it), then ownership reverts to the Crown. Too many of them to actually include them all on Fake Titles, plus one major ‘title’ seller made such dire threats against me and my family that I was forced to remove his site’s details from Fake Titles.

You need to be aware that this is a highly lucrative business, there are very few overheads, apart from paying bent solicitors to verify the ‘titles’ and maintaining a suitable website to con the paying public into parting with their money for something completely worthless.

Sadly they all make similar claims and offer wonderful and colourful documents demonstrating your ownership of your new ‘title’, they also state that you can now call yourself a Lord, which you cannot do even if you have bought a genuine Lordship of the Manor.

Manorial Titles claims to have been founded in 1996 as Genealogical Researchers and Manorial Legal Experts, if that is what they claim is their area of expertise then they ought to know better than selling their restored Lordships and Feudal Baronies for remarkably high prices.

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