Prestige Titles

They seem to have completely changed their modus operandi, but not the lack of any credibility for the ‘titles’ that they are selling.

They make the usual pitch about all the benefits, such as upgrades, you should expect after buying your ‘title’. Encouraging people to behave in a way that no genuine title holder ever would.

“Although non-inheritable (also known as a Non Seated Title), we will provide you with a legal and professional title you can immediately add to all your personal documentation such as driving licence & payment cards – the list is endless.

The title is yours for life; you will be able to enjoy and extend the many benefits to your family and friends who will benefit just by association with you. However, if they’d like more of this new VIP lifestyle, we have made it affordable for you to buy a title for your spouse simultaneously.

Together, you can revel in the many magnificent benefits this will bring you both.

When you get one of these titles for that someone special in your life you truly give them a gift of a lifetime. Imagine the look of sheer elation as you hand them their title. A gift so unique, so elusive, so rare and so different you can have complete confidence they’ll never guess the surprise!”

Do not fall for this load of nonsense, as purchasing form them will not increase your credibility, but lessen it.

You can find their webiste at

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