Prestige Titles

Even Canadian Churches would appear to be getting in on the Fake Title selling business, as you might like to view the tempting offers on this site.

“Through Prestige Titles you can become a Knight or a Lord, or obtain an Honorary Doctorate. How is this possible? These titles are awarded by the Church of St Lazarus, Alberta, Canada, in recognition of valuable support for their charitable work – not only do you get an exciting title to use as you wish, but you also get to help genuinely needy people with the charitable work done by the Church.

Under Canadian law the Church is able to award honorary titles, and we have been appointed their sole World-wide agents for ecclesiastical knighthoods and honorary doctorates. The passage fees for titles are set to reflect the donation made to charitable funds and to cover commission fees paid to agents.”

Therefore for a mere $5,000, “The full title of this honour is Knight of the Ecclesiastical Order of St Allan Kardec. The holder will receive a Certificate of Knighthood as well as Life Membership of the Ecclesiastical Order of St Allan Kardec.

Common usage of the title would allow members of the Order to use the title Sir Knight (or Chevalier) or Dame on letterheads, business cards and, in some countries, on passports and drivers’ licences. Holders of the title could either use the form Sir John Smith (or Dame Sarah Smith), or alternatively Chevalier John Smith OStAK (or Dame Sara Smith OStAK).

If a new Knight or Dame wishes to obtain a personal Coat of Arms to complement his or her new title, we are able to assist in obtaining a registration of a personal Coat of Arms with a heraldic college. There is an additional passage fee of US$2,500 to cover the costs of this.”

But they entice the willing victim further with:

Vidamé Lordship
Honorary Doctorate in Divinity

Also available on request from the Church of St Lazarus are the following titles. Please contact us for more information and costs:

Baronial Court Officer
Knight (or Dame) of the Collar
Knight (or Dame) Grand Cross
Grand Officer – Knight (or Dame) Commander with Star, an honour given for special merit
Knight (or Dame) Commander

And finally, for a fee, they can even help with Immigration to Canada, truly a church that can work miracles!

Details can be found on the Prestige Titles site; strangely though it a domain, so I wonder how much the church actually receives from this title selling business?

It would appear that they have gone out of selling their ‘titles’ directly and now are merely signed up to a franchise deal with Noble Titles, as the Link above goes straight through to their site; however, we will keep an eye on the situation.

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