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Some of the Dodgier Titles That We Have Come Across

In the course of creating Fake Titles, we have come across some absolutely ludicrous claims from purchasers of ‘titles’, as well as from the sellers; unfortunately some behave in ways that bring little credit to themselves and therefore we felt that it might help you if we highlighted some of those.

Sir Robert Cowley, 2nd Baron Ardwhallan

This slippery customer has been investigated by the British Police, but regrettably, for a long time, continued his nefarious pursuits with almost complete impunity from the comparative safety of Australia; until finally the authorities there mounted a prosecution against him. He should carry a serious wealth warning, as becoming close to him is liable to remove a considerable portion of your worldly assets. If he is spotted, please get in touch immediately.

His associates, such as Warren Clarke Anderson, seem to also boast a similar lack of credibility; Warren claims a “distinguish (sic) [BBA] Hons in International Business Studies, [MBA] Banking & Finance (UK) The Regents University of San Moritz”. The same sort of qualification could be yours for around $500! While Sir or sometimes Dr Andrew Haberfield should be treated with similar caution, especially if any of them offer to raise money for you, but want to be paid an ‘up front’ fee.

I am sure the regulatory authorities in both Australia and the UK would be very interested to hear from anybody with information about Robert Cowley, particularly if you have paid him a fee but never succeeded in getting your loan.

Anyone who has dealt with his company Investment Suisse, which he claims is a major Swiss financial institution, might be interested to learn that “Investment Suisse is not authorized by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA (nor the former SFBC, FINMA’s predecessor). Investment Suisse is not a legitimate Swiss company, nor is it a bank and has no physical presence in Switzerland”, according to the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority. However the Investment Suisse website is not live any longer.

It apparently operates out of a well-known accommodation address on London’s Piccadilly, which seems unusual for such a large financial institution, however, usefully, it does house an escort service among a plethora of other companies.

You might also like to study his involvement with the strange Lichtenburg Foundation and the amazing Princess Maya, Baroness de Haynau, apparently ‘Baron’ Cowley is a Minister of State for the Principality of Lichtenburg, though the place only seems to exist in someone’s imagination, I am sure though that their aims are purely charitable as stated. You might further like to find out more about another gentleman connected to the Foundation, Lord Hankins of Ravensburn, his title seems to have as much credibility as ‘Sir’ Robert’s; they tried to hold a charity dinner in Queensland, Australia at A$1000 a plate to raise funds, but unfortunately for them there were so few takers that it got called off.

‘Sir’ Robert threatened me with a Notice of Intention to Commence Criminal Prosecution, however, he had joined forces with a gentleman called Bernie O’Brien, using the notepaper of the Affordable Legal Company. Bernie’s credibility unfortunately seems to be about as great as ‘Sir’ Robert’s, you might be interested to see his recent performance on YouTube, in which he was questioned about where money that investors had given to him for producing business loans had disappeared to.

Justice seems to have finally caught up with ‘Sir’ Robert as he has been convicted by a court in Queensland and received a sentence of three years, with a minimum of eighteen months, and then got another three and a half years after a further case, with apparently more to follow as the police seized his computer. The sentences were ludicrously lenient, considering the millions that he has stolen in the past.

Anyone with information about his many scams should contact the Queensland police. A few brave people, who had been cheated by him, made a stand and enabled the police to build a case against him, maybe the British police should investigate his latest firm in London, Hawker Davis Marlowe, as he is apparently the sole director, though apparently that is defunct now.

Lord or sometimes Sir Charles Buchanan Turnor

If you come across a Knightship for sale in an auction, then do not attempt to buy it. Unfortunately on any number of occasions the unwary have purchased ‘Lord’ Turnor’s Field Knightships of the Plantagenet Toxophilites, quite often paying several thousand pounds, including Ian Whyman of South Yorkshire, MD of a demolition company, who coughed up a hefty £7,000 for two at an auction in Malmesbury held by Hilditch Auctioneers, who really didn’t bother to do much checking.

Lord Charles lives in the grandly named East Barkwith Manor in Lincolnshire, actually a small cottage, but seemed unwilling to talk when approached by a reporter from The People. Do avoid him like the plague, and please report any Knightships that you spot being offered for sale either to me or directly to the police.

The Right Hon the Lord Mitford

The most worrying fact about His Lordship’s Website is that “Lord Mitford maintains a small collection of books related to genealogy and the peerage and in his spare time conducts genealogy and peerage research”. Help! Talk about the blind leading the blind.

Though he may well own the two Manorial Lordships of the Mitford family – he is not able to call himself The Right Hon the Lord Mitford, just Mr Mark Mitford, Lord of the Honour of Mitford, and Lord of the Manor of Molesden; and certainly not The Right Hon, the use of that is reserved for peers of the rank of Baron, Viscount or Earl, and Members of Her Majesty’s Privy Council.

Lord Russell Baker

This pathetic, deluded poseur calls himself a Norfolk Lord, and has even published an autobiography, entitled ‘My Way, An adventurous tale of a modern day British Lord’.

He claims to own the Manorial Lordship of Little Moulton, which has not existed since the 14th century, so clearly he was cheated out of his money by the company that he bought it from, and it is merely one of their ripoff recreated Lordships, so therefore not genuine.

So, he is not the owner of an authentic Manorial Lordship, and he is definitely not a Lord, a situation that he has been made aware of, but chooses to behave like an ostrich and sticks his head in the sand, hoping that this inconvenient truth will just go away, and persists with fraudulently misrepresenting himself in his book and online.

What is even more ridiculous, he described himself on his Facebook page as a member of the British peerage, at least he has had the grace to remove that.

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