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The nightmare gets worse, as now we come across the website of Baron Ger von Staetten and his company, GVS Consult Inc., touted by him as the world’s only and foremost title consulting firm.

A proud boast indeed, but then he seems to be able to obtain for you almost any title under the sun, starting with a knighthood:

“It seems almost impossible these days to go to a formal function anywhere without seeing at least one person wearing an “Order” which, should you be so bold as to ask the wearer for an explanation, turns out to be something you’ve never heard of before. Almost invariably, the wearer will tell you it was given to him by Prince “This” or Prince “That”, the last surviving scion of a Royal House which you are convinced became extinct centuries ago.

Many wearers of such “Orders” rest with the assumption that the average person will have no idea what is and what is not a valid Order, and those who do know would be far too polite to start an argument in public. Yet, most of our clients aim for a valid and widely accepted honor by a legitimate institution and not a worthless bogus award. And this is exactly, in full accordance to our business philosophy, what we are able to offer to any prospective client. All of the knightly decorations we proudly present are first class decorations which are only granted upon recommendation to suitable individuals.

Today, a legitimate order of knighthood is either: The present-day continuation of a widely accepted historical order of knighthood or The modern-day creation or revival of a monarchical order patterned after historical orders of knighthood, which is defined as legal, recognized and acknowledged as such by a sovereign authority. Most of the legitimate orders are recognized by The International Commission on Orders of Chivalry (ICOC).

(Mediation-Fee from 3,000 US$)

But the Baron, whose name strangely does not seem to appear in the Almanac de Gotha, does not limit himself to selling only knighthoods, an obvious snip at a mere $3,000, as he then offers you an even greater opportunity:

“If you were not born into the noble class, you can acquire a nobility title by adoption, marriage or outright sale from a legal title-holder. The social and business-wise benefits of a nobility title are too numerous too mention. Among the various reasons, why some very prestigious titles are on sale, the relative empoverishment of some of Europe’s most distinguished noble families or their lack of posterity can be considered the most important. Occasionally, the right to use a title and name is sold to companies, which not seldom substantially increase their turnovers with a world-renowned titled name.

Yet, most of the titles are never offered publicly. This is where our company comes in. As to the fact that Baron Ger von Staetten has access to the most exclusive circles of society himself, many of the titleholders understandably rather approach him than a dubious title-seller.

The following ranks are available: Knight, Baron, Viscount, Count, Marquis, Duke, Prince (from 30.000 US$)

At disposal are some of the greatest and oldest titles and names of European nobility, sometimes even a former reigning house. These titles are not sold to anyone who is able to pay the fee. On the contrary, Baron Ger von Staetten only recommends appropriate individuals, who can really fill out their prospective rank, to the noble offerers.”

However, the Baron does not stop there, as he covers your possible lack of academic qualifications by giving you the opportunity to purchase:

“Honorary doctorates and professorates as well as guest-professorates and university consulships at highly esteemed universities around the globe.”

Plus the opportunity to avoid arrest, as: “The diplomatic positions we mediate meets the standards as outlined in the Vienna Convention, thus granting you Diplomatic Immunity.”

What a resourceful chap, you really start to get the feeling that there isn’t anything that he can’t fix – except finding you anything legitimate that is – you can obtain further fascinating details at his GSV Consult Inc Site.

By the way, don’t bother turning up at their North American Headquarters: GVS Consult Inc, 1954 First Street #283, Highland Park IL 60035, as you would find that it is merely an accommodation address, where any mail received is merely forwarded abroad.

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