Useful Contacts

Information about Titles and Manorial Lordships

Burke’s Peerage and Landed Gentry – The Definitive Genealogical Guide to the Family Histories of the British.

Debrett’s Peerage – From the Aristocracy to the Meritocracy, Debrett’s remains the Title Holder as the Authoritative Guide to British Society, past and present.

The Baronage Press – Frederick Hogarth’s highly informative Site, you should know what to avoid after reading this.

The Manorial Documents Register – Maintained by the Historical Manuscripts Commission on behalf of the Master of the Rolls, it records information on the whereabouts of manorial records, excluding title deeds, there are details from very few counties at the moment but more will follow.

The Manorial Society of Great Britain – This provides some useful information about Lordships of the Manor.

The Westphalian Heraldry Society – An invaluable service for anybody with queries about German titles.

The Feudal Baronies of Scotland – A comprehensive list of Scottish Feudal Baronies and details from Graham Milne about them.

If you thought that you could buy Noble Titles in France, then you might be disappointed after reading the information on the Heraldica Website.

Fake Title Sellers

Elite Titles – – All they do is to change your name by deed poll, and quite frankly any old idiot could do that.

English Feudal Titles – Is charging a whopping $1,475 for some of the ever-present Lady Sarah Leeder’s land, providing you with a supposed ‘title’.

Highland Titles – Are selling the public the opportunity to become a Laird of Glencoe by buying a square foot of Scottish land.

The Grand Duchy of Avram – This nutter proves that Australia has its share of scam artists also.

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