Lord of the Manor

This company is owned by a very active gentleman, who manages to persuade countless people, often selling under the name of ‘cool_cuts’ on eBay that he can sell you a genuine Lordship of the Manor for a bargain £99.

Undoubtedly that would be amazingly cheap, unfortunately the whole thing is a complete con, as all he is doing is to change your name, something that anybody could do themselves if they wished to.

However, he wraps all this up with much persuasive language and masses of flowery prose.

“Before long, you will find yourself prospering, not just because of the doors that open for you because you are now a Lord, or whatever; but, because your whole subconscious mind has been re-programmed.

You will become a better person not only for the benefit of your family, but for your community. We cannot promise that a fine title will make you rich, though it may well be just what you need to boost your confidence and project you to the stars, enabling you to fulfill your dreams!”

Apart from his main site, Lord of the Manor Titles, he seems to have a number of subsidiary sites, like the evocatively named Titles4Sale, which makes equally preposterous claims.

“We are able to legitimately arrange for you to have almost any noble title you fancy, legally and officially recorded. Through our unique service, we are able, not only to arrange for such magnificent ennoblement, but, because of the legal process and proprietary recording used, we can, without hesitation, fully guarantee our service.”

Well, don’t say that I didn’t warn yo

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