The Eager Beaver

The Eager Beaver is how I refer to him, but he seems to call himself whatever name suits his mood at the time – Gary Martin Beaver, alias Lord Newport, alias Lord Beaver of Newport, alias His Supreme Excellency the Right Honourable Chevalier Gary Beaver, Baron of Richecourt, Doctor of Laws.

This man should carry a wealth warning, as almost everybody that has dealt with him has left poorer for the experience. I first came across him when I was e-mailed and told that this man was passing himself off as Lord Newport. This was brought to my attention by a colleague, another peer, who knew that Viscount Newport is one of my titles, and is available for use by my eldest son, Alexander, as a courtesy title. Gary Martin Beaver has no right to use it whatsoever.

I subsequently learned that the Baronage website had noted the arrival of “The Most Noble Order of the Sword” and had clearly demonstrated that everything about it was bogus. It attempted to link “Lord Newport” to the town of Newport in the Isle of Wight and through that to the feudal Lordship of the Isle of Wight, with the implication that “Lord Newport” was the direct descendant of these ancient lords.

It claimed that Gary Martin Beaver’s ancestors could be traced back to the time of the Norman Conquest, which, if he was indeed the descendant of those who had held the Isle of Wight as a lordship would have been true. But he is no more descended from them than he is Lord Newport.

The website of “The Most Noble Order of the Sword” hoped to recruit potential “knights” who would pay for the privilege of belonging to such a “prestigious” order. An annual fee of £300 was mentioned, but the entry fee was not. It described “The Right Honourable Chevalier Lord Beaver of Newport” as having been elected in plenary session as the order’s Grand Master for Life.

As the Grand Master for Life, Gary Martin Beaver would have been in overall charge of the order’s finances and must therefore take some responsibility for the order’s unpaid bills. One such is for the beautifully produced stars worn by the “knights” of the order and designed by Carl W. Lemke in America.

Another of Gary Martin Beaver’s bogus claims is to be a Doctor of Laws (LL.D.) although he normally fails to specify the university responsible for this award. In fact, when pressed, he explains that the doctorate was granted by the Guild Of Licensed Estate Planning Lawyers, which is not an organisation that has been recognised by the Minister of Education as one competent to award academic distinctions.

Actually, the Guild Of Licensed Estate Planning Lawyers was a limited liability company, struck off on September 23rd 1997, whose sole action appears to have been to grant Gary Martin Beaver his doctorate. It seems fair to assume that, as the company never traded, this award may have been the sole reason for its formation; though Gary Martin Beaver also claims to possess a Diploma with Honours from the College of Will Writing.

In 2001 Gary Martin Beaver bought a French “title”. Nominally, this is a “barony” and the status of baron belongs to the land, the title being borne by the owner while the baronial land is in his possession. However, as is explained by Baronage in the notes on French feudal titles, the current validity of ancient French titles is often doubtful.

Moreover, even if Gary Martin Beaver now holds a genuine French barony of Richecourt, as a British subject he cannot use the Baron de Richecourt (as he calls himself) title without a Royal Warrant from the office of the Queen’s Lord Chamberlain. That is the law.

Additionally, as a British subject he may not use the Richecourt arms shown here without the confirmation of the College of Arms or the Lord Lyon, and even with that confirmation he cannot use the lion supporters, as supporters may be used by British subjects only if they are peers, or chiefs of ancient Scottish families, or Knights Grand Cross of British orders of chivalry.

Gary Martin Beaver more recently described himself as “His Serene Excellency, The Magistral Prior of Notre Dame, Saint Mary of Magdalene, The Chevalier Baron de Richecourt, KGCNS, KtJ”. He has passed the Grand Mastership of “The Most Noble Order of the Sword” onto his successor and is now “The Past Grand Master”. Readers seeking to know the terms on which he now facilitates the grant of “titles” and invited to contact him through his “Templar” website should be aware that older Templar organisations do not recognise his “titles” as genuine.

Subsequently he elevated himself even further, and called himself “The Most Reverend Archbishop Gary, Hugues ll” as well as “The Marquis of Aulnois” – The Knights Templar must rue the day that he ever got involved with them. He set up a fake Knights Templar Order, Official International Knights Templar, which has various subsidiaries, like the The Hereditary Knights Templar of Britannia. All should be avoided completely.

Apparently he even managed to persuade the Masons to accept him; one wonders what personal grief he must have caused there!! Presumably, however, they eventually saw through him and his activities, as he resigned under pressure towards the end of 2003.

To catch up on the latest about him, as seen through the eyes of Gary Beaver, you could could have visited his Interdenominational News, except that has given up the ghost like so many of Gary’s activities!

He managed to spread his activities abroad and many people in Spain now have cause to regret getting involved with either Yorlingo or Bluegrass Media Group, run by a certain Lord Raymond St Clair and his wife Tracey; strangely, as you will see from the image, they seem to bear a remarkably close resemblance to Gary and partner.

For more on Gary Beaver, I suggest that you visit the excellent Baronage site.

Just when the trail seemed have gone quiet, Gary Martin Beaver – now Garry Beauvoir – turned up working as a Project Director in Doha for Sony Dubai, who seemed to have been totally taken in by his invented CV. He also claimed to have been a Commodore in the Royal Naval Reserve, totally fictitious as a little research would have shown. Eventually they learnt to their cost how useless and harmful he is.

However, it appears that he has now moved on to a non-existent Dutch company, called Naval Defence Consulting, as Commodore Garry Beauvoir and created a PR splash.

However, our Gary is a master of reinvention, and lo and beyond, he has popped back up in the UK again, this time as Leslie Angell, Compte de Lyse, and, as usual, has a completely invented CV.

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