Unreal Titles 2

Lord Brett Mclean of Hastings

This pompous little prick seems to delight in mixing with famous people and politicians – even including David Cameron and George Osborne, both of whom he has been photographed talking to – and persists in continuing to use his non-existent title despite the fact that I have proved conclusively to him that it is completely fake.

However, you can enjoy finding out more about him on his website, as he has many laudable aims, such as supporting local charities, it is just a shame that he feels that he needs his ‘title’ to achieve that, but he has also used it unashamedly to gain the positions of Vice Chairman of East Sussex Federation of Small Businesses and Chairman of the East Sussex Economic Advisory Board, two organisations that seem to have been fooled by his totally fake title, which has not exactly enhanced their own credibility.

Lord Dean David Burr of Wimbledon

Despite his good intentions in raising money for charity, this close friend of Lord Brett’s persists in claiming that he is a genuine Lord, stating apparently that he inherited his ‘title’ from an uncle, however, he certainly does not own the Manorial Lordship of Wimbledon, but is the boss of a pest control company, called Lords Environmental, which he uses his title to promote, and a unashamed fraud.

Whilst he does espouse some excellent charitable causes, Mr Burr should not claim to be something that he clearly isn’t, as many people have pointed out to him.

His website, proclaiming him to be the People’s Lord, is a complete farrago of nonsense, and the old saying, that you tell the quality of a man by the company he keeps, holds true as he is clearly cosy with the equally fake Lord Brett.

Lord Sardar Singh of Tutbury

This joker has managed to use his ‘title’ to become President of the Hounslow Chamber of Commerce, and, since being informed about his lack of a genuine title, they eventually took action and removed the Lord in front of his name on their website.

Mr Singh, if he had a genuine title he would be referred to as Lord Singh, always a dead giveaway when the first name is included, does not even own a Manorial Lordship, as the King holds the Manorial Lordship of Tutbury.

I first encountered him when he swept into a disabled parking space at Aldi in Hounslow, he got out of his large, white Mercedes and walked without any apparent problems into the store, so I went over to take a look at his Blue Badge, which had his ‘title’ on. It makes one wonder about the authenticity of the honorary doctorate from an American University that he claims to have been awarded and whether that represents genuine academic achievement.

Lord Scott Disick

This publicity seeking character is is best known for being the former boyfriend of Kourtney Kardashian and father to their three children: Mason Dash, Penelope Scotland and Reign Aston.

However, in 2012 he claims to have become British royalty in what is referred to as a traditional knighting ceremony in a pub called The Mayflower in South London. He claims that he bought the Lordship of the Manor of Cruckton Ford in Shropshire, however, he was actually right royally ripped off as the Lordship has never existed, and, of course, even if it were genuine that would still not make him a Lord.

He is so vain and keen to preserve whatever remains of his reputation that he even managed to get his page on Wikipedia deleted, however, it can still be viewed if you search for it in the web archive.

Lord Stuart Hamon

Why does a wealthy, international businessman feel the need to give himself a fraudulent title, which detracts from his credibility rather than boosting it? He is the Executive Director of Swiss Global Trustees Sarl and should know better.

Mind you, the Swiss authorities have issued the following warning. “The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority has issued a ‘Public Warning’ against Swiss Global Investments Sàrl, a self-described “financial intermediary and advisory” that was or is controlled by Irishman Paul Kavanagh and Briton Stuart Hamon, whose sprawling offshore group includes firms in the British Virgin Islands, Dubai, England. “

H.E. H.R.H. H.S.H. Prince James Scott Walling-Carver

Unbelievably, this idiot claims a myriad of titles, none of which he can possibly hold, “6th Earl of March of England, Hereditary Grand Duke of Oldenburg, Rt. Hon. Lord, 9th Earl of Bridgewater, The Rev. the Hon, 10th Baron Daubeney, Rt. Hon. Lord, 18th Earl of Warwick, His Grace 4th Duke of Buckingham, His Grace 4th Duke of Bridgewater, Rt. Hon. 4th Earl de Montgomery, Duke de Choiseul d’Amboise, Duke of Montmorency, Marquis de Remonville, Count of Provence, Duke of Aquitaine, Count of Poitiers”. He is clearly delusional, but is listed on a very suspect website, called ‘International Royal Association of Royals & Nobles Registered Members‘, this organisation has no credibility, as most of the members listed have what are clearly implausible titles, mixed in with some very real ones, like Sheikha Hamad Al-Thani of Qatar, who, I am sure, has no idea that she is mixed up with this bunch of complete frauds, most of who claim to belong to something called the Royal House of Vassilli, something that I cannot find any record of.

Lady Maria Teksnes

‘Lady’ Maria is an old friend of Fake Titles, she and her late husband, ‘Lord’ Bjorn, restored Old Colehurst Manor, near to Market Drayton in Shropshire, however, they rather overreached themselves by claiming to have titles to impress the locals and the paying public.

I exposed them as frauds some years back, thinking that the warning would be enough to ensure that their fake titles would not be used in the future, sadly I was wrong as she is now flaunting hers in an attempt to influence a local planning decision.

Jörg Hubert Dumke, fake Feudal Baron of North Cadbury

This deluded German thinks that he has bought the genuine Feudal Barony of North Cadbury in Somerset from Manorial Counsel, and has even set up a website to celebrate his purchase. Dumbke by name, Dumbke by nature, there is none so blind as those that will not see. He has even been daft enough to buy two other fake Manorial Lordships from Kevin Norris of Manorial Counsel.

Unfortunately he was scammed by Kevin Norris, who is a well-known purveyor of fake Manorial Lordships and Baronies, who even has the cheek to call himself The Earl of Northumbria.

Sadly for Jörg, the Feudal Barony died out in 1216, many times I have tried to warn him that he has been cheated but he has chosen to ignore my messages, so finally I decided to add him to the list of fakes.

He is even misguided enough to refer to himself and his wife Regina as Lord and Lady North Cadbury, which they have no right to do.

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