Eparchy of Nebraska

The Holy Chivalric Order Of Saint Michael The Archangel

The Eparchy of Nebraska states that “The Chivalric Order of St. Michael the Archangel was founded as an honor conferred on those who have served in the Church in some commendable way. Members of the Order are not required to be part of our church or diocese, neither do they need to be Orthodox. The Order honors all those who significantly aid the Church”. It all sounds very above board, especially after you have read their aims. Welcome to the international Holy Chivalric Order of St. Michael the Archangel (OSM). Our Order is based on the ancient Christian community principle of love and care for others, above all things. We are an international Order of Christians concerned with human rights, peace, dignity, religious and political freedom. Many problems that afflict our world are due to clashes between religions, civilizations and people of different races and backgrounds. As a result, we see ethnic conflicts, political and religious bigotry, violence, economic and financial chaos. It is our aim to promote inter-cultural and interfaith exchange and to welcome different cultures as to come to an understanding of the way in which we live. Thus, we may be able to help building bridges between people and to respect the integrity of every culture and genuine belief system. As noble Chevaliers, we strive to understand how each one of us in his or her own environment can become aware of conflicts and their causes. In so doing we contribute to their prevention while striving for peaceful coexistence. People from all walks of life represent our noble Chivalric ideals and support a strong commitment to peace. They further the Chivalric ideals of honesty, honor, tolerance and ecumenical faith throughout society and throughout the world. As many Chivalric Orders, we also promote a cosmopolitan society in which differences will be respected, welcomed and appreciated. Each one of us strives to make a difference in the betterment of all humanity through kindness, care and noble virtues. We invite you to make a difference and become part of our Chivalric Order. Additionally, here are some of the privileges of membership in the Holy Chivalric Order of St. Michael the Archangel: * Use your prestigious title and postnomial at any time * It is suggested that you place your impressive membership on your Resume * Use the Order as a Reference, such as community, employment, housing, credit, etc * You may purchase regalia and insignia of the Order as they become available * You may wear your regalia and insignia as approriate and at any time * You may qualify for other positions in the Order, such as Ambassador * Use the Order as support for your community work, at no charge * Seek your Ambassador’s or the Grandmaster’s counsel at no charge However, it then continues in a vein familiar to visitors to Fake Titles, and it is fascinating to examine the names of some of the members of the order, including HRH Prince Douglas, GCSM, Principe St. Michael de Clermont, otherwise known as Douglas Henderson, or Michael Thornley, see Unreal Titles, and many strange assorted ‘Lords’ and ‘Sirs’. The fact is that its main reason behind the honours that they sell would seem to be the pursuit of Mammon, and anybody who wants to read their nonsense can find them at The Holy Chivalric Order.
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