Blacker v Beaver

Declaration by Alan Blacker - November 2002

“I am Alan Blacker, and I have been the subject of abusive innuendo and malicious falsehood published by Gary Beaver, the well-known and infamous Baron Richecourt, who was ridiculed when he was exposed in the Daily Mail in Dempster’s Diary in September 2001 as a fraud and a cheat, using the title Lord Newport.

I have decided to bring Beaver’s antics to a judicial end and have launched proceedings before the High Court of Justice, Queen’s Bench Division in defamation.

These proceedings are extant at present and have been so since 2001. Every action taken by Beaver since that date has been recorded to the court and increases the court’s distaste for him. These proceedings included orders for injunction, breach of which carries custodial sentences of up to seven years. I am also claiming damages of an indefinite amount, which is being assessed by the court and which will increase with every offensive statement.

What Beaver fails to appreciate is that he will not be able to flummox the Judge with threats of “pay £100,000 in to court ad we will meet you head on” or similar foolish statements, the court will determine this matter in his absence if he refuses to accept service of the process. (Process is the name given to court papers).

Our summons and injunction papers are currently sealed and ready to serve and the moment Beaver exposes himself, we will have no hesitation in serving him using Sheriff’s officers.

Beaver is a sad and lonely individual who craves recognition and praise, he is worthy of none.  Those of us who have the pleasure of the ear of government and the authorities have such an audience because we are legitimate and regulated whereas Beaver is seen as foolish and infantile.

The day will surely come when Beaver will be forced to enter a defence or suffer the consequences of imprisonment for contempt.  That day cannot arrive too soon.

And just in case Beaver thinks we are bluffing, he ought to take independent legal advice on what we have said and instruct counsel to file a defence, a step he will be reluctant to do as this will expose him to cross examination in open High Court before the world.  The press will surely come and he will be thwarted for evermore.”

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