Peerage Conferred

Seeing as the selling of Fake Titles is such an international business, wouldn’t we hate the inhabitants of Canada to miss out on this lucrative trade?

Fortunately they don’t, as up pop the ludicrously named pair – Count Seán of Borelia, K.G.C.V., K.G.C.S., K.C.A.J., (H.)O.L.J. and His Excellency, The Prince DOUGLAS, St. Michel de Clermont Consulate of the Principality of St. Michel de Clermont Latin Empire of Constantinople – sounding like something straight out of ‘The Prisoner of Zenda’.

However, these marvellous inventions are merely the cloaks behind which Mr Douglas Henderson of British Columbia is hiding; he is well known to experienced Fake Title hunters. Apparently he purchased the title of Prince of Clermont some time ago, unfortunately that also proves to be quite as worthless as the ones that he is now peddling.

What is extremely impressive though, is the huge range of titles that his fertile imagination has created; “You can become a Knight or a Dame, with the right to use the Title of “Sir” or “Lady” on your personal stationery, business cards, etc. You may also Petition for a higher Noble Rank, such as Count / Countess, Marquis / Marchioness or Duke / Duchess – with the corresponding right to use the loftier Title.”

The ability to offer these is justified in the most amazing way: “His Excellency, The Prince DOUGLAS, St. Michel de Clermont, is recognized according to venerable Norman, medieval law as a fons honorum – a font of honour – by the established Protocols of Chivalry, which gives him the Undoubted Right to bestow Titles. His Excellency, The Prince, is a Prince Palatine of the Latin Empire of Constantinople and a Baron of the Empire. He is also the Prince Grand Master of the Knightly Orders of St. Victor, St. Andrew of Jerusalem and of the Commonwealth. The Principality was established by the ancient Christian Holy See of Antioch.

As stated above, Titles of higher Ranks of Nobility also available are those of; Duke or Duchess, Marquis or Marchioness and Count or Countess. These Titles of Nobility are offered by the Principality of St. Michael de Clermont, a dependent fief of the Latin Empire of Constantinople, founded in the year 1204 A.D. Persons wishing to obtain Titles of higher Ranks of Nobility will become Nobles of the Principality. One’s spouse is also ennobled and the Title is equally inherited by all children.

In detail, the Orders of Chivalry sponsored by the Principality include the Prince’s own Private House Order of St. Victor (automatically conferred with the acquisition of Titles of Nobility in the Principality), the separate Order of St. Andrew of Jerusalem, initially founded in the Crusader Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem in 1232 A.D. and the Order of the Commonwealth, based on the Declaration of Commonwealth Principles of the Commonwealth of Nations.”

Anyone wishing to find out more can visit the website Peerage Conferred, but do remember to put your Volume Control to Mute first, as each page is accompanied by infuriating and thoroughly annoying music.

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