Mud Slinging

I suppose that it was almost inevitable, but one can only assume that Antony Boada, aided by his legal sidekicks Pitts-Tucker & Co, realised that legal threats were not going to work, see Breaking News, so they decided to resort to verbal attack instead – producing an amazing compilation of lies and innuendo to besmirch my good name.

Strangely they have actually accused me of many things that they are guilty of, and, as for the claim of never having been sued, many people would like to, but seem to have great difficulty in reaching Antony Boada to achieve that.

“Earl Of Bradford Caught In Major Scam – Links To Baronage Press Disclosed

The “Right Honourable” Richard, 7th Earl of Bradford, has been caught with his pants down and is not quite as “honourable” as he pretends to be and he is certainly not “right” at all.

Visitors to our website have already been completely informed about the scam being perpetrated by Baronage Press in selling phony titles and trying to siphon off our clients and the clients of other vendors of titles through intimidation and extortion. Baronage Press has been a consistent and ardent detractor of British Feudal Investments for several years now and falsely claims they do not sell titles…, which they most certainly do. They want you to believe that they only expose sellers of bogus titles and swear they do not have any interest in selling titles of their own.

Our investigators have now found out that no less than the pompous and self-righteous Earl of Bradford (who has no other claim to expertise on titles of nobility other than the fact that he inherited his earldom – he is actually a pub owner with no legal qualification whatsoever) is part of the Baronage Press scam.

Complicity of Bradford in Scam

The next step in the scam is that they received an e-mail or if possible a phone call from one of Baronage Press’ front companies such as Pegasus Limited, an offshore Guernsey company, and Hogarth’s wife’s, Patricia, tells them that they got by pure chance, a one in a million coincidence, the very same title which the inquirer had bought – but the “real” one – and that it is available for a whopping £250,000.


It is little wonder that when we discovered these facts, the Earl went on the defensive and set up and elaborate website bashing all vendors of titles other than the Manorial Society of Great Britain… which coincidentally Baronage Press also has mentioned as a legitimate vendor of feudal titles.

Of course, quite a number of you have been intelligent enough to hear both sides of the story and once you have known the true facts, you have proceeded to acquire feudal titles through BFI. We thank these wiser and discriminating clients who are not so easily fooled by this trio of bandits who seek to rip the public off in such an outrageous and major way. (Unfortunately the clients are more likely to be sadder and sorry)

It speaks for itself that the Earl of Bradford in his website runs an “exclusive” interview with the editor of Baronage Press, who of course vouches for everything he says. This clearly shows the relationship between the two

Despite all the defamation we are happy to report that British Feudal Investments has never once been sued in its fifteen year history; (This will not be the case for much longer, the noose is closing hence this desperate attempt to justify himself) nor has it ever had to pay monies to avoid and settle any lawsuits outside of court – something which the Manorial Society consistently has had to do and we have been investigated and cleared by the UK Department of Trade an Industry and even received a letter of appreciation from the Metropolitan Police Fraud Squad for our help in giving evidence and information related to titles fraud on the internet. Our competitors and detractors claim we are just about to land in jail and they have been claiming this on the internet for over two years now… yet BFI is here to stay and our doors remain open for business as usual.

We have joined a class action lawsuit against Baronage Press and the Earl of Bradford and are seeking remedies. Some of our viewers have asked why we do not pursue the matter more aggressively. Our reply is that lawsuits are a very expensive matter and considering the negligible impact these defamations have had upon our business, we have often decided it was not cost-effective and would consume too much of the time we would rather spend serving you, our clients. Nevertheless, we cannot ignore the impact of any damage to our business and reputation that Bradford, Baronage Press and their financier Manorial Society may cause or may have caused us and we are taking appropriate legal action. (As usual his words speak louder than his actions!)

It is a sorry matter to see someone like the Earl of Bradford stoop so low and sink to such a degraded form of doing business as he is doing with his website. Most readers by now are pretty sick of his and Baronage Press’ modus operandi and indeed one can conclude that the only thing “noble” about the Earl of Bradford is his title… his behaviour is suitable for the gutter and it is probably brazen, thoughtless, and arrogant actions such as the establishment of his website that led to the popular demand by the British people to terminate his and the other hereditary peers’ right to sit and vote in the House of Lords by the present government.

We wish he’d live up to the noble standards he preaches but certainly does not practice.

Additional Warning

Please also note that when you visit the website of Lord Bradford and Baronage Press you get a special treat: a COOKIE… A cookie is planted into your computer without your even knowing it. A cookie traces your every move, letter, e-mail, IM’s, internet searches and browses – even your private banking transactions. Believe it or not Baronage Press in conjunction with their cohort, the Earl of Bradford, have used this private information to extort and blackmail browsers of their website. We know of one case where the duo of Hogarth and Blacker threatened a client in the process of a lawsuit to give to the opposing side full information on all of the client’s bank accounts and properties unless he paid $55,000.

(Evidently, Boada doesn’t even know what a “cookie” is, despite the huge number on the Front Page alone of his British Feudal Investments site!! Below is a good site which describes the limits to what a “cookie” can achieve. As you’ll see, a “cookie” can NOT access your hard drive, read your emails or follow you around the Internet. They are also not obtained by replying to an email.

[Quote from Webopedia:] Cookies do not act maliciously on computer systems. They are merely text files that can be deleted at any time – they are not plug ins nor are they programs. Cookies cannot be used to spread viruses and they cannot access your hard drive. The cookie will only contain information that you freely provide to a Web site.)

Appalled, the client told us that he had never even seen the Baronage Press website. He did, however, view the website of the Earl of Bradford extensively and did so several times. We think it’s much more than a coincidence that the extortion threat however came from Baronage Press which has long been known to use the cookie device on its victims.

Our private investigators, specialised in computers, confirmed that cookies were being planted by the Bradford website. It becomes further obvious that Bradford passed this information to Baronage Press to complete the hatchet job on the client… If you plan on reviewing their websites please know that this is not the first time we have received this sort of complaint or information about their planting of cookies and subsequent blackmails – also it might do well to remember “never take candy from a stranger”… especially cookies.”

Having finally caught my breath, I would advise you to treat this with the contempt that it deserves, however, it does demonstrate that the truth must be hitting home and really hurting Antony Boada for him to be reduced to sinking to these depths.

Good, but, with luck, he will be feeling even more uncomfortable soon as the law finally starts to catch up with him.

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