PT Club

I find it hard to comment in a restrained manner on this thoroughly reprehensible site, offering every facility for people to change or hide their identity, and conduct their affairs in a completely clandestine manner. They can procure for you a valid diplomatic passport, “The cost of this unique program is just US$ 49,995 – an investment that could easily pay for itself in just one business deal you acquired through your new diplomatic contacts. In order to discuss this unique opportunity further, kindly place an order for passport consultancy services ($500) using our online order form. We regret that, due to the sensitive nature of this offer, we cannot entertain further enquiries without receipt of the consultancy fee. Naturally, the fee paid will be discounted against your eventual order for our professional services in establishing your new diplomatic career.” However, you can also create a new history, go totally offshore, bank anonymously, get an offshore credit card; you really have to wonder about the sort of people that would use a site like this. Among their services though is their Nobility Titles section, in which they state that “We are very honoured to be able to offer 100% legal United Kingdom Titles to those of you who believe to deserve a Title in their name!” A familiar boast for readers of this website, but as false as all the others, and in most cases even more expensive. Take, for instance, the opportunity to acquire a Scottish Lairdship, described as “The word ‘Laird’ is a Scottish corruption of the English word Lord. It is the Scottish equivalent of the English “Lord of the Manor”. Lairds traditionally dictated justice to the peasants whilst sitting on a rock under a tree.” In predictable fashion they put forward ‘The Laird of Camster or of John O’Groats’, accompanied by the normal one square foot of land, try fitting all your peasants on that! But at the hugely inflated and ridiculous price of $500. Even Scottish Heritage only charges $67. They also sell what they strangely refer to as ‘Effective Titles’, justifying these with the extraordinary claim that: “This is the best option for a person who wants increased social standing at a reasonable cost. A title will obtain you the best seats at restaurants, upgrades on airlines and VIP service at hotels. It also has the ultimate snob appeal and will open closed doors in the business and social arena. A still-valid English law from 1935 allows anyone (it does not matter whether or not you are British) to legally adopt a British title that is not currently in use. British titles are land-based. The same principle can legally be used to adopt a French or German title, but under the British legal system.” As with many other sites, they also flog Lord of the Manor Titles, making the usual inaccurate statement that: “Your title would be “John Smith, Lord of the Manor of Ashworth” for example. This is shortened to “Lord Ashworth” and your wife would be “Lady Ashworth”. Not only can manorial titles be passed on to your descendants, but they can be resold. They have proven to be excellent investments. For example, a person who bought a $10,000 manorial title in 1976 recently sold it for $150,000. Manorial titles are one-offs and they are not easy to obtain. Most are sold privately, without any public awareness. At PTClub we constantly monitor the situation and can advise our clients on the more prestigious titles which may be coming on the market shortly. This is a long-term affair for the seriously-interested only, who have at least $20,000 to spend. If this is you, please email one of our consultants and expect service to reflect your VIP status.” Finally they even give you the opportunity to buy their Rolls Royce service, a mere $25,000 – or as they put it “The best aristo deal of the lot.” Come on you mugs, line up for the deals from the PT Club.
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