Regal Titles

Oh dear, regal by name they may be, but not by nature; the familiar name change routine performed by the splendidly avuncular, silver haired Stephen J. Scott, who is up front enough – unlike most fake title sellers – to include his photograph on the site, presumably feeling that it will inspire confidence in potential buyers. Unfortunately his script follows the same old line all too familiar to visitors to Fake Titles: “How You Can Become A Lord, A Baron, A Duchess, A Countess – In Fact Any Title You Want… Legally, Easily And Within A Week. Here are the secrets to acquiring a title – and the lifestyle enjoyed by the elite. If you want to escape the mundane and everyday, gain the respect and enjoy the privileges, this time-sensitive advice is for you.” He even promises you that, you will receive the following: 1. An A4 Presentation Certificate individually printed on topaz parchment. 2. The legal documents printed and signed by an officer of the British Title Registrars. 3. A exclusive presentation document with a unique seal. 4. The necessary legal costs and the fee to the British Title Registrars. If you are feeling particularly wicked, you might like to ask him who the British Title Registrars are, as nobody has ever heard of them and there is certainly no official body called that. However, at least he is not charging some of the inflated prices that others do, and there is a special half price offer of only $197, and a money back guarantee: “When you receive your Title, I personally guarantee you’ll experience a vastly improved social and personal life. Otherwise the $40 in bonuses are yours to keep – in addition to a 100% refund of your purchase price. If you don’t agree that the Title can bring these incredible benefits, or if you change your mind about this title for any reason at all… it can be because you felt it was not worth the money, or just because you didn’t like the paper it was printed on… you can return it at anytime within the next year for a 100% refund of your money.” However, as they do not supply any means of getting hold of them, apart from an e-mail address, you may find it difficult to contact them and get your refund. Avoid Regal Titles like the proverbial plague, it may be cheaper than other fake title sellers, but it still isn’t real.
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